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Two Orange Orb UFO's Captured Over Wilmington


Two Orange Orb UFOs Captured Over Wilmington

Two orange orbs are caught scouting the skies of Wilmington,NC heading towards Wrightsville Beach around 6pm on Sunday, November 10, 2013.

The first uncloaked in front of me like coming through a fog right above the tree line and shot straight up. It appeared to be about the size of a helicopter with what looked liked sparks coming off of it as it came in.

Close up, it had the same fiery appearance as it does in the zoomed in still pic used for this video. By the time I got my camera on, it was up in the sky. It started flashing out so it was hard to track.

It never returned that I know of. The second one, I captured better. It moves positions a few times in the video before also flashing out.

Mufon reported:  Case #52652

Orange Orb UFO Over Wilmington,NC12/12/13

This is the first UFO that I have seen in the morning. I was starting my car for work around 6:45am on March 10th, 2014 when I noticed this slow moving orange ball of light.

It was low, made no noise and I could see a plane far above it.

Orange Orb UFO Over Wilmington,NC

The following year, I captured this strange object in the same area.