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NASA STS-75 Tether Incident (1996)

NASA STS-75 Tether Incident 1996

At 7:30 pm, when the tether was almost fully deployed, the cable snapped and the satellite with tether drifted off behind the space shuttle. Mission Control instructed Astronaut Franklin to film the event from the shuttle's on board camera. When video reached the monitors of Mission Control, they immediately contacted Franklin.

Mission Control: "What are we looking at?"

Astronaut Franklin: "You guys getting the image?"

Mission Control: "Franklin we see a long line, a couple of star-like things and a lot of things swimming in the foreground. Can you describe what you're seeing?"

Astronaut Franklin: "Well the long line is the tether and, uh, there's a little bit of debris that kind of flies with us and, uh, it's illuminated by the Sun at such a low angle so there's a lot of stray light and it's getting washed out quickly..."

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On Sunday, February 25, 1996, the Space Shuttle Columbia was on the 75th Space Transportation System mission ( STS-75 ) flown by one of the four space shuttles. 

Its main mission was to deploy a satellite attached to an Italian/NASA designed Tethered Satellite System (TSS- 1R) that would reach a total span of 12 miles in length. The satellite would research the Earth's upper atmosphere as well as ways to power space craft. This long cord could conduct electricity and would transfer data from the satellite back to the shuttle.

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As Franklin zoomed in and focused the camera, The video screens at NASA  started to show white blobs moving around the tether. Some large and some small. Some sped by while others crept along at a slow pace.

At this point, the tether was about 80 miles away from the shuttle. Some of the UFO's seemed to be passing behind the tether. If this was the case, it would make some of the discs to be roughly 2-3 miles in diameter.

Research on the NASA tether incident continues. Ufologists claim that the "white blobs" in the STS-75 footage are indeed alien craft, while NASA claims that they are only dust particles. Maybe One day, more information will come to light to solve this UFO mystery.