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The Phoenix Lights Have Returned

Orange Orb UFO's Captured Over NC

UFO Over Las Vegas

White Orb UFO Drops From the Sky

The Phoenix Lights UFO Phenomenon

The Phoenix Lights Have Returned

UFO Spits Out Orbs Over Alaska

Two UFOs in Arizona Towards Area 51

Two UFOs in Arizona Towards Area 51

UFO Captured Over Upland California Drops From the Sky

Captured On iPhone: UFO Blows Something Up

UFO Spotted on Google Earth Street View

Cigar UFO Captured on Camera Over Petersburg, Florida 4-29-16

UFO Hovers Near José María Córdova International Airport

UFO Spotted Over Indiana

Glowing Blue Dome UFO Captured From Passenger Plane




Tether Incident


Battle of Las Angeles

UFO Encounter

(Feb. 25, 1942)

The Black Knight Satellite

Roswell UFO Crash


Strange Lights Captured Hovering Over King of Prussia PA

TR3-B UFO Captured Over Maricopa Arizona

UFO Captured On Camera By Several Witnesses

Amazing UFO Captured Over Phoenix, Arizona

UFO Sighting Over Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Most Popular UFO Videos Compilation

UFO Captured Over Mount Juliet, Tennessee

UFO Over Westland ’s-Gravenzande

UFO Over Westland ’s-Gravenzande