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UFO Over Columbia Captured By Several Witnesses!!

UFO Over Columbia Captured By Several Witnesses

On New Years Eve, 2017 at 10:30am, several residents of Medellín, Columbia spot the same UFO and are able to capture it on camera.

Witness Statement: "Not sure what I saw here but open to suggestions. At first i took footage as a joke... I figured it was a new years eve balloon or advertisment. But now I'm not so sure what I saw... watch it on your biggest tv. Took it w a new phone w great resolution. This was at about 10:30am New Year's Eve 2017"

Original Videos:

UFO OVNI Medellín Colombia 12312107 from Charlee Hotel objeto volador no identificado 1 of 3  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw9dpufzcXPMPS2KMNyJgXg

¿UFO (OVNI) en Medellín ¿O huestes espirituales de maldad  


Impresionante Ovni en medellin 1 de enero 2018  


Lo más visto 2017  


Objeto no identificado en Medellín  


OVNI en Colombia Ocaña 31122017  


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