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UFO Sighting Two Nights in a Row Over Converse, Texas

UFO Sighting Two Nights in a Row Over Converse Texas

Mufon Case #93527 - Starting on July 18, 2018, a bright, white and silent UFO is spotted two nights in a row in Converse outside of San Antonio, Texas.

Witness Description:

"I was outside my home sky watching and watched orb hovering towards me moving from south to north. i was in shock when i first saw it, because i watch the sky at night and often see objects in the sky moving. but, this time the object i catch is moving very low and is very bright. it became apparent that i had caught something different this night. it made no sound. it had n flashing lights. the object continued on in its north to northeast path. also,approx five minutes afterwards an airplane came on the same path as if it were following this object."

Full Report/videos: http://www.ufostalker.com/sighting/93527

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