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Strange Lights Captured Hovering Over King of Prussia, PA

Strange Lights Captured Hovering Over King of Prussia, PA

Witness Statement:

I was driving south bound on route 202 when I saw 2 VERY bright lights to my right (northwest). At first I thought they were planets Bc around the lights were the normal helicopters and airplanes far away. But as I got closer the lights got bigger...they are horizontal, about three of them. The object was stationary. The second object either headed north or disappeared. There were NO flashing lights on what I was recording. Just three white lights that stayed on. I was driving and watching the road while filming so my apologies for the lack of focus.

After about a minute it's gone. Then later on as I approached 30bypass west I see another object with two flashing whites that appeared to be hovering in front of a helicopter.

Could these be drones? The only drones I've seen have blue and red lights. Nothing nearly this bright, nor this big. Or was it something else?

Original Video:

Strange lights hovering over King of Prussia PA/UFO?


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