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Heflin UFO Photos (1965)

Heflin UFO Photos (1965)

On August 3, 1965, an Orange County highway maintenance engineer, Rex Heflin was sitting in his work vehicle at 12:37 P.M. Heflin was attempting to call in a request to remove some tree branches from in front of a railroad sign when his radio went dead.

At the same time, travelling from behind him and coming into view, Heflin noticed an unidentified flying object hovering above the road. He quickly grabbed his Polaroid camera (Model 101 loaded with 3000 ASA film) from the passenger seat and through the window took three photographs of the metallic-appearing object and a fourth of a black "smoke ring" left behind by the object after it departed at high speed.

He described that as the craft tilted that he could see a dark underside with a greenish-white light beam rotating clockwise around the bottom from the center out to the rim.

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Several investigators from the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) researched the photos and they were even published in the local newspaper on September 20,1965. For three years professional photographic analysts studied them using the best technology at the time, but could not prove the photographs as a hoax.

Heflin was interviewed by several government agencies including the Air Force who conducted an inquiry on behalf of "Project Blue Book".

Eventually, on September 20, 1965, Heflin was visited by two men in civilian clothes. A meeting arranged by a man describing himself as a NORAD colonel. The two men took the photos and agreed to make copies and return the originals. The photos were never returned and upon trying to track them down, NORAD disclaimed any knowledge of their existence.

Photo credit: Nicap.org

Heflin UFO Photos (1965)

He noted that the craft seemed to "wobble" before stabilizing and gaining speed before quickly heading off in an Northeast direction. The craft crossed the Santa Ana Freeway and across a field before going out of view about a mile and a half away. Assuming that it may be an experimental craft from the El Toro Marine Base, Heflin noticed that a bluish-black smoke ring was in the sky where the object had disappeared and was slowly rising in altitude.

He drove about a half mile down the road to where the smoke ring was rising and took the fourth photo.

Heflin UFO Photos (1965)

Research from the UFO field on these photos continues today with some extremely in depth analyses.

Heflin UFO Photos (1965)

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