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Glowing Portal and UFO Over Olympia, Washington

On May 26,2016 an Olympia, Washington resident captures an odd event on his iPhone.

Witness Description: "This is the video that started the encounter. It came spinning and dancing across the sky. I immediately stood up and walked in my backyard and started filming with my IPhone. This video is of a glowing portal and the object that split from it. It seems to show a message from it as it spins. It lasted for an hour and took various shapes. Stop the video during zoom and check out the lower object to see images of a cross and humanoid shapes. The object split and formed the video you saw. The most important thing is that the lower object produces images of figures, faces and crafts. Sometimes it even seems to show classic alien faces. I thought with this video that disclosure would be eminent. I'll never be the same. James Clarkson state director of MUFON investigated it and he is baffled."

Original Video:

UFO Glowing Portal Full Speed! May 26th


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