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First Ever UFO Photo Mt. Washington (1870)

First Ever UFO Photo Mt. Washington (1870)

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This photo has been considered, "the oldest UFO photograph ever taken" since it was captured years before conventional aircraft were even invented.

This item was the subject of bidding at Ebay in 2002. Samuel M. Sherman, who was the president of Independent-International Pictures Corp. purchased the photo for $385.00.

This was originally a "stereo" photograph. In 1870, Mt. Washington was being used as a weather observatory.  While studying cloud formations, researchers Amos Clough and Howard Kimball snapped this photo of a UFO using photographic stereo (3-D) equipment.

The description on the card reads:

"SUMMIT Mt. Washington WINTER 1870-1871 Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1871, by CLOGH & KIMBALL, in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington."

Some debunkers have stated that the background behind the UFO may not be clouds at all, but rather snow. Their theory is that the UFO is actually a wooden object like a stick or wooden ruler suspended or lying in a mound of snow.

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